Watch NJPW: Despe invitacional supported by ROLLING CRADLE 6/10/24 Full Show OnlineNJPW: Despe invitacional supported by ROLLING CRADLE 10th June 2024 Free HD Episode Download. Join our community For Live Streaming, and Stay connected to your Latest NJPW Results. Our Watch Wrestling TV allows viewers to access your favorite s’All Videos anytime, anywhere.

Watch NJPW: Despe invitacional supported by ROLLING CRADLE 6/10/24 – 10th June 2024 Full Show HD

NJPW: Despe invitacional supported by ROLLING CRADLE 6/10/24 – 10th June 2024

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NJPW Despe Invitational on June 10, 2024, is the new special event of new Japanese pro-wrestling that going to premiere tonight. All the audience of NJPW have been waiting for it for a very long time. Tonight is going to be very exciting and make all its fans crazy with great action matches.

Tonight is going to be a night in the world of El Desperado where lovers of Japan will experience a very unique journey. All the matches will announced that night, let’s see who will fight tonight in the ring.

You can see the 4-way hardcore fighting match that will be fought between, Moa and Masashi Takeda against El Phantasmo and Chris Brookes. Zack will fight against Hikaru Sato in the single-match war. Get ready for another Hardcore match el Desperado and Danshoku Dino against Gedo and Dick Togo.  You can see a tag teammate between, Dragon Kid and Starlight Kid against El Desperado and Mima Shimoda.

Toru yano, Kyoko Inoue and Hiroshi Tanahashi fight in the tag team amtch aginst Isami Kodaka, Dash chisako and Yuko Miyamoto. Don’t miss the match of a 4-ways fight among Douki, Eita, Daisuke Sasaki, and Violence Jack.

Match Cards 

  • Hikaru Sato vs Zack Sabre Jr. – Single Match
  • Gedo & Dick Togo (Bullet Club) vs Danshoku Dino & el Desperado – Tag Team Match
  • Mao & Masashi Takeda vs Chris Brookes & El Phantasmo – 4-way Hardcore Match
  • El Desperado & Mima Shimoda vs Starlight Kid & Dragon Kid – Tag Team Match
  • Isami Kodaka, Yuko Miyamoto & dash Chisako vs Kyoko Inoue, Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi – Six-man tag team Match

Event Info. 

  • Venue: Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
  • Date & Time: June 10 2024 at 3 AM ET

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