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Watch Taylor Vs Catterall II 5/25/24 – 25th May 2024 Full Show HD

Taylor Vs Catterall II 5/25/24 – 25th May 2024

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Taylor vs Catterall II boxing event on May 25, 2024, is a platform where passion is met with skill. Boxing is a separate action world where one can see the new story in a new fight. Here tonight the match Is going to be a tough match between Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall. They have to face each other in an octagon cage.

It is the second match between Jack Catterall & Josh Taylor and most people depend on the results of that upcoming match tonight. This match has 12 rounds for junior WelterWeights—a 12-round match between Ellis Zorro & Cheavon Clarke for the Vacant British Cruiserweight Title.

There are two 10-round matches. Paddy Donovan and Lewis Ritson face each other for Welterweights. Francesco Patera vs Gary Cully for LightWeights title. An 8-round match between Graham McCormack vs George Liddard for middleweights.

Emmanuel Buttigieg vs Anas Isarti fight 6 rounds for Junior middleweights. Sergio Odabi vs Giorgio Visioli for Junior Lightweights.


Match Card 

  • Junior Welterweights, 12-round match – Jack Catterall vs Josh Taylor
  • British Cruiserweight Title, 12-round match – Ellis Zorro vs Cheavon Clarke
  • Welterweights, 10-round match – Lewis Ritson vs Paddy Donovan
  • Lightweights, 10-round match – Francesco Patera vs Gary Cully
  • Middleweights, 8-rounds match – Graham McCormack vs George Liddard
  • Junior Lightweights 6-round match – Sergio Odabai vs Giorgio Visioli


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